Razer, who is a gaming PC maker, has just unveiled a THREE 4k screen laptop named ‘Project Valerie’! This is claimed to be the first portable laptop of its kind.

Two additional screens slide out from the central display screen. This is done via an automated deployment system which uses highly durable aluminium hinges. Each screen in 17 inches in width and when its folded up and closed, it is 1.5 inches thick. This thickness is comparable to other gaming laptops, with others being even chunkier than this one. You can use the three screens to show an expansive viewing experience across all three. Or, you could use each screen for a separate task, enabling you to view all at the same time.


No official release date has yet been published as Project Valerie is still a prototype. However, it is predicted that if and when it is released, it will be extremely popular. Both gamers and designers have shown a keen interest already.