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Coretek Group are an IT support and services organisation based near Southampton, UK.

Our extensive service offering includes IT Services for Business, IT Services for Education, Infrastructure and Cloud Services.

We are proud to align 25 years of technical expertise garnered from providing exceptional IT support and services to some of the world’s biggest names with our pledge to building long-term, trusted relationships with our clients. Coretek are one of a select few IT managed service providers to operate our very own privately-owned and UK-based cloud platform.

By providing our clients with effective IT systems, we have helped them reduce stress, increase efficiency and provide scalable foundations for growth.

Introducing Coretek

IT can be time-consuming, costly and frustrating. I know because, 25 years ago, I was in your shoes. I was IT manager for a leading chemical company and we desperately needed a trusted IT partner. The IT “suppliers” out there lacked expertise and had no interest in building a long-term relationship.

I formed Coretek to offer a real alternative, providing IT support services built on exceptional customer service and technical support expertise as a “seamless extension to your business”. Saving you the time and stress of firefighting IT issues and providing long-term planning and scalable systems that grow with your organisation.

With more than two decades of providing exceptional IT services to thousands of users, across 10 countries. Our mission is to help organisations across the South reach their potential through quality IT support and solutions. If your IT is not working for you, I understand. I’ve been there. Give us a call today as we can help.

Garry Miller
Director, Coretek Group

Our vision

To help as many businesses and schools reach their potential through quality IT support and solutions, and by building trusted partnerships.

Coretek company timeline

History of Coretek from our founder

Back in 1999, I was IT manager of a leading ERP company. I was frustrated with the poor level of support we received from different IT support organisations. The IT companies did not have the requisite high level technical knowledge we required and none looked beyond a basic “break/fix” approach to resolving issues. I felt I could do it better by providing quality IT services as a partner to business rather than just a supplier. I took the plunge and founded Coretek.

I wanted the name “Core Technologies” as a foundation statement of our services (“Providing Core Technologies for our clients and partners”) but this name was already registered, I then tried “Coretech” but again this name was already registered so I settled for “Coretek” as the domain name was also available and I preferred the shortened name.

We have grown from supporting a handful of businesses and local schools, to the present day where we support IT environments serving literally thousands of users, with clients spanning 10 countries.

I like to think we truly try to understand our clients requirements and we aim to be an extension to our customers providing independent quality IT services. We do not try to sell our services but to simply advise our clients on the IT solutions which we believe are in their best interests.

Our company vision for the next 5 years is for Coretek to be a one stop shop for all customer sectors (business and educational), providing services which our customers value. I would like Coretek to reinforce our brand and reputation for providing quality IT support and solutions.



Founder and CEO, Coretek Group

Core(tek) values

Coretek is dedicated to providing superior IT services to all of our existing and potential customers and to be at the top of potential customers’ lists of companies from which they will choose to do business. The following values help us achieve this and govern all that we do.

Respect for People

Achieving our vision depends entirely on the ability of the Company’s people to contribute individually and collectively, to develop new skills, to work in an environment that fosters pride and to share in the contributions they make toward the success of the Company. This success requires a culture that makes it possible for the Company people to achieve full potential. Such a culture is based on mutual trust and respect.

Unquestionable Integrity

Personal and corporate integrity are the foundations for all our activities. Integrity is a cherished possession we want never to lose.

We adhere to a strict model which is reflected in our transparent honesty, diligence and reliability. This has been shown in two decades of delighted clients and will continue to be a cornerstone of our business.

Continually Improving Quality

To allow us to satisfy the present and future needs of our customers, we must continually strive to improve all areas of our business.

By following our Business Management System, we are able to constantly assess, measure and improve the quality of the company, and therefore the services we provide.

Good Citizenship

We intend to be good citizens wherever we have a presence throughout the world. Good citizens do more than simply comply with laws; they support causes that help to improve the community.

We will support such causes as a corporation and encourage employees to take active roles in answering community needs.


Remember, your organisation is only as strong as its weakest link. Book in a free consultation with Coretek today to benefit from our two decades of experience and ensure your IT systems are working in your favour. Includes an in-depth report with actionable next steps completely free.

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