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Our comprehensive IT support services are designed to save you the time and money of IT disruption by having an experienced team on call ready to help whenever you need us.

Coretek have been providing IT Support and Services to a diverse range of clients for over 22 years.

IT Support with a personal touch

We believe in providing a personal and attentive approach to your support needs.

Having a single point of contact to discuss, manage and implement your IT requirements works to provide you with consistency and confidence in our company.

This personal care and attention is a keystone of our support philosophy and provides you with a highly qualified and experienced support team, that will get to know you and your systems in depth so that we can provide you with the very best levels of support and guidance.

Our support package is the most comprehensive around – from unlimited remote support, to full asset management and a dedicated consultant to help you develop your IT vision. Local businesses here in Hampshire right up to internationally established brands all rely on Coretek for trusted IT support and services.

Our comprehensive total care support

Our Total Care IT Support package is Coretek’s flagship product.

This includes unlimited support as standard and access to our highly experienced team, whenever you need us. We also offer flexible on-site support for any issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

In addition to our IT support, we also include a comprehensive range of managed IT services including proactively monitoring your systems and tracking your assets so you can outsource your IT headaches to the experts.

Unlimited Remote Support

Say goodbye to hidden charges and getting charged for every call. Pay one flat fee and unlimited remote support is included. You can call on the experience of our entire ITIL ServiceDesk team anytime you need us for less than you would pay for a single full-time technician.

Preventative Maintenance

As well as our industry-leading monitoring software that watches your systems as you sleep, we also carry out regular checks on all areas of your IT. These system checks cover all areas required to keep your IT systems running reliably and efficiently including backups, antivirus and hardware.

Regular Reporting

We send out a monthly systems summary report and a yearly budget report to keep you fully informed – both written in plain English with no technical jargon.

Fast Support

As well as our industry-leading monitoring software that watches your systems as you sleep, we also carry out regular checks on all areas of your IT. These system checks cover all areas required to keep your IT systems running reliably and efficiently including backups, antivirus and hardware.

Single Point of Contact

You will be designated one of our highly knowledgeable IT consultants who will help develop your IT systems to align with your business goals. They will meet with you every 3 to 6 months to ensure that you continue to receive exceptional customer service and to check your IT vision is on track.

Remote Working

Access your desktop and files across the globe with our robust, secure and easy to use remote access solution. This can be accessed from any machine and is fully encrypted. This solution can scale to support any number of users and provides a solid foundation for remote working activities.

“Thanks to Coretek’s expertise we now have our remote offices with reliable connections to our head office, this solution has proven itself over and over again by reducing our support calls and giving us a backbone network which we can now leverage in providing more services for our users. A great service and product.”

Head of IT at Heritage Care

Flexible IT support

Introducing Coretek service credits


Our Total Care Support package is the most comprehensive level of cover we offer. However, some of our clients prefer a simpler and more flexible level of support.

For these clients, we have developed Coretek Service Credits, also known as CSCs. These are support hours that can be purchased in packs and used whenever support is needed.

This is a fantastic solution for smaller businesses and schools who want access to our outstanding support services but may not need the entire Total Care package. CSCs can be purchased in quantities as low as 12, providing great value for money.

CSC 12

Our entry-level package that provides 12 flexible support hours. Ideal for smaller clients who require occasional support.

CSC 30

Our medium package that provides 30 flexible support hours. Ideal for growing clients who need regular support.

CSC 50

Our premium package that provides 50 flexible support hours. Ideal for larger clients who need comprehensive support.

Flexible on-site-support

All of our on-site support is covered under CSCs. This allows our clients to only purchase and pay for the on-site hours that they actually need and use.

Our on-site CSCs are completely flexible – meaning you can use them whenever a site visit is required. Every client has a designated primary technician to ensure you receive continuity of service and the reassurance that comes with a familiar face that knows you and your systems.

You can also book in a regular fortnightly or monthly visit – it is completely up to you.




For clients who want the most complete level of IT support available, our on-site CSCs are designed to wrap around our Total Care package.

This provides an unbeatable level of support covering both on-site and unlimited remote support.


Remember, your organisation is only as strong as its weakest link. Book in a free consultation with Coretek today to benefit from our 20 years of experience and ensure your IT systems are working in your favour. Includes an in-depth report with actionable next steps completely free.

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