Case Study

Shakespeare Junior School

By utilising the latest technology such as hosted email, thin clients and server virtualisation, Shakespeare Junior School saved thousands of pounds and updated their IT system with the latest in Green ICT technology.


Their IT Challenges

The Challenge was to streamline the existing systems into a more workable solution and improve services whilst lowering costs.

About Shakespeare Junior School


Shakespeare Junior School are a based in Eastleigh, Hampshire. They have approximately 350 pupils spread across 4 year groups.


Return on Investment

Shakespeare Juniors used the latest technology to improve their IT systems whilst significantly cutting costs.

1. Replaced outdated email server with the free Office 365 for Education “cloud” email system saving on hardware, licensing and energy costs.
Estimated cost saving: £1350

2. Consolidated all servers into one physical box using server virtualisation. Less servers to buy and run equals considerable savings.
Estimated cost saving: £1350

3. Provided a remote working solution without the need for any additional servers or software.
Estimated cost saving: £1250


Our Solutions

As with any new school under support, a full IT systems audit was carried out when Coretek took over Shakespeare. This highlighted a number of immediate improvements that would provide better functionality over the current system and considerable cost savings.

Coretek have improved IT in several key areas of the school to provide more reliable and cost-effective IT.

The first recommendation was to replace the outdated Exchange server. Having a single on-site server for the sole purpose of relaying email is an expensive and unnecessary use of resources for a Junior School. The email was migrated to the Microsoft Office 365 for Education system. Office 365 is a hosted or “cloud” system, so the server is actually held off site and accessed via a web browser. This saved the cost of buying a replacement server and removed all the associated running costs such as energy bills and maintenance. Office 365 for Education is completely free* and includes 24/7 support.

The latest virtualisation technology allows a number of servers to be installed on only one physical box, Shakespeare were using four separate servers, each fulfilling a different role such as: email, active directory, remote desktop services. These were consolidated down to one server, significantly reducing hardware and energy costs. Our remote working solution – Secure School Gateway, was implemented on a virtual server to provide safe working from home with no additional hardware costs.

“I have now worked with Coretek in three schools and found them to be reliable and adaptable. They have gone out of their way to provide systems that meet our specifications and needs, rather than match us to their package. They provide a personal service with individual members of staff going the extra mile to answer questions and find solutions”

ICT Lead at Shakespeare Junior School

The Future

Coretek continue to offer on-site and remote support as well as ICT planning and guidance to Head of School Steve Cox and his team.


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