Software Development Services

Custom built software solutions tailored to your business and your exact needs.

Development, what does it mean to you?

For us development is something where we can either improve an existing piece of software or app and enhance it with additional functionality or starting with a blank canvas, we can work our way from concept to conclusion.

Understanding the outcome is paramount to how the development takes place. We find that many people have an idea of what they want but its exact shape is unknown, so our initial fact-finding sessions are key to how the project starts and is shaped.

Generally, projects take one of 2 forms – agile (solutions evolve through parties collaborating) or waterfall (a linear sequential flow model), the best model for you will come from our fact finding. No matter which model, you will be involved whenever we reach milestones and review points keeping you as close to the process as possible.

We have recently developed an application for the care sector that enables them to track most aspects of an individual’s life whilst in their care. This bespoke solution came from a collaborative approach but where end points were known.

Do you have a requirement where an off the shelf solution is not available? Do you need to automate a manual process? Give our development team a call to see what options are available for you.


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