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Case Study

Smith Newmans

Smith Newmans saved over £10,000 on their IT systems, whilst gaining a much improved, modern IT system which helped them deal with the challenges of office moves, mergers, growth and COVID with ease.


Their IT Challenges

Coretek started working with Smith Newmans back when they were still called C&M Scott which was the original company. Director Nigel Newman had recently joined the firm with plans to grow the business to become a recognised name in accountancy in Hampshire, helping more companies achieve their business goals through sound financial advice.

However, they had outgrown their current office and had no additional space to expand. Furthermore, their on-site IT system was reaching end of life and would not provide the scalability or reliability required to grow the business.

About Smith Newmans

Smith Newmans is an accountancy practice based at Colden Common near Winchester in Hampshire with a second site in Andover.

They offer a full range of bespoke services to small and medium sized businesses and individuals including all elements of personal and self employed tax, including capital gains and inheritance tax and for companies – corporation tax, accounting, business strategy and consultancy.

They are also accredited Xero, Quickbooks and Sage providers and trainers and offer full bookkeeping and payroll support. Currently they are supporting their clients through COVID and the existing and up and coming MTD requirements.

See their website for more details at www.smith-newmans.com


Our Solution

Coretek proposed that moving their IT to the cloud would provide a far more scalable system and be more cost-effective at the same time. Although this approach is commonplace now, back in 2015 many businesses were still reluctant to move to the cloud, preferring to keep all of their IT on-site. However, Smith Newmans had the foresight to see that this approach was the future and with Coretek’s help, they moved their entire IT infrastructure to CoretekCloud.

By removing their on-site server, Smith Newmans actually experienced a considerable cost saving of thousands of pounds as a replacement server, along with associate licensing costs, was no longer required. The existing machines on site could be reused as thin clients, again providing further savings on the cost of new PC’s for staff. In addition, budgeting and forecasting for IT became much easier as the cloud platform is charged on a small amount per user, per month. The system could also scale up instantly when new staff came on board.

Shortly after the cloud migration, Smith Newmans acquired a larger office building, with the additional capacity needed to grow the business. Due to their cloud platform and the minimum on-site hardware, this move was a quick process.

As the business continued to grow, they acquired an accountancy firm in Andover. Merging the IT systems from the two companies would normally be an arduous task but having their cloud system allowed the Andover office to easily access their system simply via an internet connection and a web browser.

This shift to cloud based working would pay further dividends when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and offices were forced to close. As the company already could access all of their systems online, the transition to remote working was smooth and allowed the business to pivot quickly.

Don't just take our word for it



“I have had the pleasure of working with the Coretek team under multiple companies and for well over a decade. Their trusted advice and implementation including moving to the cloud has paid dividends, allowing us to move to a bigger office, have staff working in multiple sites and helping to easily transition to home working under COVID.


It is reassuring to know they are always on hand for both supporting our staff and to provide consultancy in helping us plan our IT strategy. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services and look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship into the future.”



Nigel Newman

Director at Smith Newmans

Top 5 Benefits

Here are the top benefits Smith Newmans gained from working with us:


NSaving of over £10,000 on the costs of a new server, licensing and new PCs

NGained a scalable IT system ready to support their ambitious growth plans

N Cloud system make the office move to larger premises quick and pain-free

N New site offices could be easily incorporated into the existing system

N Having a cloud system made working from home under COVID a seamless process

Return on investment

The move to the cloud removed the need for a new on-site server. The estimated cost for this is around £3000 with an additional £2000 for the server operating license (OS) and client access licenses (CALs).

By utilising the existing desktops as thin clients, no new machines were required, saving around £5000 in total.

Without even factoring in the Andover office, Smith Newmans managed to save over £10,000 and gain a more scalable and secure IT system.

It is also worth mentioning the considerable saving in time their cloud platform provided for both the office move and the switch to remote working under the recent lockdown.


The Future

Coretek very much look forward to continuing to work closely with Nigel and his team now and into the future.


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