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SBS Insurance

Coretek helped this award-winning insuretech business migrate their IT systems to the cloud and vastly improve their security, meet all industry regulations, protect their client’s data, all whilst saving over £100,000.


Their IT Challenges

SBS were facing the need to refresh their entire IT infrastructure and needed guidance with the best approach to take.

SBS process thousands of claims a year and are responsible for their client’s sensitive personal data. Their current system was functional but had security issues such as several single points of failure, a server room not designed for the job and no disaster recovery which were all potential risks to the business.

The cost to replace their current fully on-site IT system was estimated at well over £100,000.

Although they had heard of cloud technology, there were some concerns around where their data would be held. A UK based datacentre would be imperative but SBS needed to go one step further. They wanted to know the exact location of their data.

About SBS Insurance

SBS Insurance Logo

SBS Insurance is an award-winning insuretech business based in Cannock, Staffordshire. They have in excess of 80 employees working across 3 sites.

They specialise in household claims and are known as innovators in their industry, being first to market with several initiatives and have been recognised for their achievements with several industry awards including the Technology Award and Claims Initiative of the Year in the British Insurance Awards.

See their website for more details at


Our Solution

Coretek proposed a private cloud solution to benefit from reduced costs and improved security, whilst tailoring the system to their exact needs. The system allows staff to access their entire cloud desktop, including files, folders and apps simply via a web browser. As the system could be hosted in CoretekCloud, SBS would know the exact location of their data and could even visit their systems if needed!

The cloud system saved SBS the initial £100K up front investment, instead allowing them to pay on a simple monthly payment. Using a modern datacentre offered vastly superior security such as restricted access, 24/7 security patrols, CCTV, and Coretek built-in resliliance into the system to make sure there were no single points of failure. Their cloud platform has also meant that SBS now comply with all relevant legislation including PCI compliance, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Adopting a cloud-based model has allowed SBS to be far more flexible and adaptable to change. They have been also to bring on new offices quickly. The recent transition to home working under COVID was simple as staff could use the same system they use every day, but from home with no additional training or equipment.

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“As COO, I have a lot of responsibilities and don’t have the time to constantly manage IT. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a partner I can trust to help advise us on IT strategy and help support our team.
Coretek have always been there for us and their advice has been excellent. The move to the cloud has been a revelation, allowing all staff to work on a uniform system and to provide us the flexibility to deal with office moves and remote working.


We have also used Coretek for a variety of infrastructure work such as structured cabling, wireless networks and access control. It makes life so much easier being able to go to one single point of contact, rather than working with multiple contractors. I highly look forward to working with the team going forward.
Thank you Coretek team!”



Tracey Rees
Chief Operating Officer at SBS Insurance

Top 5 Benefits

Here are the top benefits SBS Insurance gained from working with us:


NSaved over £100,000 by removing the cost of new hardware 

NMuch-improved security of hardware including high availability 

N Much improved protection against external threats

N Met all required industry legislation such as PCI compliance

N More flexible IT system capable of dealing with office moves and remote working

Return on investment

The key return for all of their IT work has been the protection of SBS’ systems and more importantly, their client’s sensitive data. SBS are very well regarded in the industry and are highly rated by the 100,000 people they help each year, including over 80% NPS score and 4.4 stars on Review Centre.

Their IT systems help keep this data safe, including blocking over 10,000 malicious or spam emails every month.

In addition, the move to the cloud removed a huge upfront cost to purchase replacement on-site hardware. This has provided a saving in excess of over £100,000 broken down as follows:

– Storage Array Networks 2 X £30,000
– On-site Servers – 2 X £35,000
– Firewalls – 2 X £4,000
– Network Switches – 2 X £3,000


The Future

Coretek continue to work closely with the entire SBS team. We have recently assisted them with their move to a new office, helping with infrastructure work as well as moving the IT hardware.

We are continually working on improvements to their already excellent systems. Currently, we are implementing an advanced anti-phishing software to stop this type of fraudulent email and are discussing recommendations to improve further security levels across the business.


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