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Improve efficiency for your staff, improve the wellbeing of your residents and meet all your CQC and OFSTED requirements

Efficient staff, happier residents

The CQC and Ofsted have been looking for Care Homes and Child services to digitalise their records for some time. This has a huge productivity benefit as staff can record information on the go, faster and more efficiently from anywhere.

We recognise that well-run Homes and Centres rely on their connectivity not just for themselves in terms of systems and record keeping but for their clients too. A variety of elegant, reliable and effective solutions can be provided, giving the client a level of social interaction that is so vitally important, never more so than in times of isolation like these.

Being able to see friends and loved ones via technology can make all the difference to the wellbeing of residents with no other access to the outside world.

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Why Choose Coretek?

Coretek has been working with clients in the care sector for nearly two decades, providing ongoing support, infrastructure design & implementation and Care applications.

Coretek has delivered outstanding support whether as the primary first line of support or by working with the internal IT Teams. Either way our team of experts are on hand to help diagnose and provide solutions. Managing migration from on-premise to cloud services can prove to be tricky but Coretek has done this on multiple occasions bringing benefits of reduced costs, improved security and accessibility.

Our Services are tailored for the Care industry

Coretek Infrastructure Services (CIS) has installed multiple solutions nationwide including:

Wireless Networks

Robust, scalable and high-performing wireless networks, tailored to each site.

Data Cabling

Rock-solid structured cabling to provide a reliable foundation for your network.

Access Control Systems

Rock-solid structured cabling to provide a reliable foundation for your network.


Industry leading IP based CCTV systems for top of the range security.

We can help you migrate to digital

Other groups have utilised the knowledge and experience of the Coretek development team in terms of Apps, most recently we have been working on one that delivers:


NHas a positive impact on CQC or Oftsed ratings

NA single, secured repository for all processes and records

N Facilitates efficiencies to enable staff to spend more time on care

N Drives up quality using technology

N Ad-hoc advice and support

NA system to ensure data accuracy, data analysis and dynamic KPI reporting

Don't just take our word for it



“As well as helping us migrate our IT services to the cloud, Coretek has been instrumental in providing connectivity, managed wireless and access control to all care homes in the group. It has made a massive difference in the wellbeing of the people staying in our homes as they can now communicate with their loved ones via technology. This has never been more important than ever under the global pandemic.”



Dave Andrews
Head of IT at Ambient


Remember, your organisation is only as strong as its weakest link. Book in a free consultation with Coretek today to benefit from our 24 years of experience and ensure your IT systems are working in your favour. Includes an in-depth report with actionable next steps completely free.

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