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Case Study

BAE Systems

We proudly played a big role in designing and installing the vessel tracking system that would go on to welcome the HMS Queen Elizabeth into Portsmouth harbour. This is the story of the part Coretek played in welcoming a Queen.



Their IT Challenges

Whilst the new The HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier was under construction, preparation for its arrival into Portsmouth dock was initiated.

It was established that the current systems in place at Portsmouth were not sufficient to deal with the new £3 billion QE Class aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, which features two “islands” and weighs in at approximately 65,000 tonnes, therefore a new vessel tracking system was required to safely track and monitor traffic in and out of the dockyard.

This would need to be a sophisticated network that would have links throughout the surrounding site, with provisions made for the system to stay continually online, even in the event of any links becoming unavailable. Large vessels would be coming in and out of the dock constantly, with the potential of breaking any line-of-site microwave links. Therefore, this would have to be factored into the design of the new network.

There was also a strict timescale as the project needed to be completed in time for the grand opening of the new aircraft carrier by Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II herself.

About BAE Systems

BAE Systems are an international defence, security and aerospace company based in London.

They are one of the largest defence contractors in the world, with several projects including aircraft carriers, submarines and fighter jets.



Return on Investment

Not all ROI is financial, in this instance the real ROI is safety and security in the knowledge that all of the systems are online and running and providing a level of robust communications across the port.



Our Solution

Coretek are proud to have been a part of this mammoth project, in partnership with BAE Systems and a small selection of other contractors.

Having started the project in 2015, Coretek’s Infrastructure department have since laid many kilometres of copper and fibre cables and installed new radar and microwave technologies.

Coretek’s Consultancy team designed the new networking system from scratch as well as installing and configuring the active networking equipment. As mentioned above, this innovative system has been designed to dynamically re-route traffic if any of the links are unavailable.

This all forms a sophisticated tracking system which allows ships to come in and out of the port safely and has been successfully in place for nearly two years.

The Future

Coretek continue to work closely with the team at BAE, providing 24/7 support for the vessel tracking network and working in collaboration with the other contractors who helped bring this system to fruition.

There will be further expansion of the existing system to include Gosport Ferry Terminal and BAE in conjunction with ABP are looking to integrate the Radar Feed from the Eastney Radar Station into the existing VTMS network to improve the information and data available to the Queens Harbour Master at Portsmouth.

Due to the distance and costs involved in creating a Microwave Link Coretek are working to put in place a solution using the existing Broadband infrastructure.


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