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New Forest Care

Coretek Group provide support, monitoring, development and consultancy services to New Forest Care and have been their trusted IT partner since 2016. During this time, we have helped NFC achieve rapid growth, including the expansion into new care homes and the development of a bespoke software solution for recording incidents and the young person’s journey through care.


Their IT Challenges

Coretek met with NFC at a crossroads where they had ambitious plans for growth but didn’t have full confidence that their previous IT supplier had the level of support or expertise to help them realise these goals.

This included making sure the current IT infrastructure was stable and scalable to allow the business to expand into additional homes and also making sure the correct software solutions were in place for the business to work as efficiently as possible.

About New Forest Care

NFC Logo

New Forest Care are a growing company who provide specialist children’s residential care, education, activity residential care and therapy for young people with challenging social, emotional, educational and behavioural difficulties.

A therapeutic approach is an integral part of what they do at New Forest Care and their model of care reflects the process of Dyadic Development Psychotherapy and PACE. Through positive role modelling and ‘therapeutic parenting’ provided by staff to the children in their care, they are able to develop and experience positive relationships.


Our Solutions

WiFi and restricted Internet access

During New Forest Care’s expansion, Coretek provided the infrastructure design to enable easy and secure access between the staff and their care home systems. This included a robust WiFi network with centralised management allowing the IT staff to easily control staff and guest access.

There was an additional requirement to schedule guest Internet access to the young people during specific times of the day and evening. This was achieved by using the centralised access point management feature to enable and disable certain WiFi signals at particular times of the day.

Tracker System

New Forest Care needed a solution to enable them to record all activities of their young people, incidents and care plans in a central location which was secure yet accessible to care workers and management. Coretek developed a bespoke software solution called “The Tracker” to address these issues, which has resulted in the staff being able to focus more on providing high-quality care services to their young residents.

We built the Tracker system with integration into their HR system (Bamboo HR) and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. The entire solution is hosted in the Coretek Private Cloud environment to ensure it is highly available, very secure, and cost-effective to run.

Don't just take our word for it



Here at New forest Care, we are on a mission to provide exceptional care to vulnerable children and young people with complex needs. Having effective IT systems is vital to the smooth operation of the business and Coretek have played a big part in helping us achieve that. 


Coretek helped us use technology to help make our company more efficient. For example, the Tracker system they developed makes recording and monitoring incidents much faster, allowing our staff to concentrate on their job rather than on paperwork. In addition, having a stable system means far less support calls, which has saved hundreds of hours over the past 6 years and considerably reduced frustration from our users. 


As IT manager, it is reassuring knowing Coretek are always on hand whenever we need help.



Steve Warhurst

IT Manager at New Forest Care

Return on investment

The work put into improving the IT systems at NFC have had a demonstrable impact in the growth of the company. During our time working together, they have moved from a small office, with relatively few homes to a large headquarters in Hythe, supporting 16 locations.

Efforts made on the software front have also been particularly impactful. The custom-built Tracker system has proven to be a great success, especially around Ofsted inspection time where NFC can clearly evidence each young person’s activity and journey throughout their time at New Forest Care. This has saved hundreds of hours of paperwork for the staff as incidents can be recorded as they occur, rather than in retrospect.



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