New Years resolutions have been being made for years. If you do not already know, a new years resolution is something that you promise to do, to stop or to continue doing in the New Year. Many new years resolutions revolve around self-improvement, may that be physically or mentally.

However, we feel that there are small New Years resolutions that you can make that will really not take a whole lot of time or effort, but will leave you feeling satisfied. We are going to look at small technology tasks that we believe would be great for your New Years resolutions.

Update your software

Make sure that all of your devices are up-to-date with the latest software. This will enable your devices to work efficiently. You should also ensure that you have an antivirus software installed on your PC.

Renew your passwords

Around Christmas time, many hackers come alive. It is possible for them to get into your system by using a downloadable program that can guess your password in seconds. However, you can do something to prevent this – create an extra secure password by adding numbers and punctuation. You can trial a number of passwords into the below search engine, and it will tell you how long it will take the hacker to hack. If it is secure enough, it could take them centuries! But DO NOT put in any of your current passwords!

Test it here:

Back up your data

You should regularly back up your data anyway, but if you have not been doing so, make it a necessity that you do so in the new year! If you do not know how to back-up your data, take a look at our blog on what backing up data is, and how to do it!

Recycle your old Hardware

Here at Coretek, we recycle our hardware by donating it to Jamies Computers. They will collect and dispose of your equipment for free. Read more about disposing of your hardware here.

So stay safe in 2016 by following these tech New Years resolutions!