Coretek is forever developing and expanding in order to give our client’s the very best service that we can! We would like to introduce Coretek’s newest members of the team!

Jordan Gosney – Junior Support Technician

Jordan studied Broadcast Technology at University before joining Coretek as a Junior Support Technician. With over 8 years of extensive customer service experience, he helps provide technical support for all of our clients.

Jordan is a talented drummer and pianist; having travelled to America to record an album and toured the UK, Jordan has a passion for all things musical.

Matthew Archdale – Apprentice Support IT Technician

Previously working as a volunteer under various different roles, including assistant IT tutor for adult learners, Matt has provided friendly IT support to colleagues, public, friends, and family from his early teens through to present day. Currently studying for the Tech Industry Gold award at Highbury College in Portsmouth, Matt is working towards his CompTIA Network+ certification.

In his spare time, Matt plays MMORPGs and listens to game soundtracks.

Bethany Kibler – Marketing Apprentice

Having recently delved in the career of Digital Marketing, Bethany joined Coretek with a creative flair and an eagerness to learn all things Social Media, Web and Design.

In her spare time, you would find Bethany watching live music and practising her artistic side through Textiles Design.