Interactive whiteboards and flat panels (IFPs) are found in schools of all levels, from nursery to higher education. They are even used in some businesses and charities too. Making sure that your interactive whiteboards and flat panels are properly secured is essential. 


A real-life example

One of our schools recently alerted us to an incident they were made aware of in Staffordshire. A seven-year-old boy was injured when an interactive flat panel screen fell off the wall in his primary school classroom. Thankfully, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries. 

Here are the details of the incident:

Boy, 7, rushed to hospital after being crushed by interactive whiteboard – Mirror Online 

While we don’t want to cause alarm, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of these devices. That’s why we decided to put this article together. 

Although interactive flat panels can weigh over 80 kilos, they are safe if mounted correctly. It’s important to note that incidents like this are extremely rare. 


How to ensure your boards are mounted securely 

If you have a whiteboard at your school, or in particular, an interactive flat panel, there are several things you can do to make sure these are secure: 

  • Make sure you select a strong wall that can adequately support the weight 
  • Ensure your installer has used the correct fixings for the type of wall 
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines 

To help with the last point, below we have included instructional videos from Promethean and Smart, who are two of the biggest suppliers of whiteboards and IFPs. 



Here’s a useful guide from Smart on the correct steps to follow when installing a display: Smart Installation Guide


What to do next 

We strongly recommend checking your boards and displays, covering the suggestions above, to be on the safe side. 

If you’re a school in Hampshire, we’re happy to carry out a full safety check to make sure your boards are installed correctly for your peace of mind. Contact us on 0800 304 7444 or to learn more.