What is IT Consultancy?

Consultancy is the process of hiring an expert firm or organisation to provide trusted advice or insight on a particular area of speciality. This can be for an individual project or to offer advice on the organisation and its processes as a whole.

Why do I need IT Consultancy?

In IT terms, consultancy is a vital service for almost any organisation because IT can be a minefield and a having experienced and trusted guide can help you navigate through – ensuring your IT meets your business goals. A good IT consultant can offer an alternative viewpoint and bring new and fresh ideas to the table that you may not have previously considered in-house.

How can Coretek help?

Qualified and experienced, all our consultancy staff are highly skilled in multiple disciplines (Infrastructure, Hardware Platforms, Systems Integrations and Platform Management). They have developed their skills from the ground up, from first-level IT support through to 3rd line, up to project management and systems consultancy.

We are very proud of our team because they understand the importance of running an efficient IT system, making sure the solution is right for your business not just because it’s the latest buzz or nice to have but because it’s what you need.

Being located just outside Southampton in the beautiful New Forest, we are ideally situated to help provide consultancy services to companies, schools and charities throughout Hampshire and to the surrounding counties.

If you would like to see how our Step-By-Step approach works, head over to our IT Consulting Services page.

Finding an IT partner that you can trust is not an easy decision but here are some of the reasons to consider Coretek.

We have over 20 years’ experience

We have over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and are an established name in IT services across the South of England.

We have a proven track record

We have a proven track record in helping companies fulfil their potential – like Horizon International Cargo who have gone from a modest-sized company to an International Freight Forwarder with offices across the globe. Read our Client Stories for all of our successful Case Studies.

We are trusted by local businesses to multinationals

We are trusted by local businesses right up to globally established household names.

If you have any questions about how Coretek can help you, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.