Are you a business in the finance industry? 

At Coretek, our experienced team has helped several clients in the financial sector including accountants, insurance firms and financial advisors. We have helped them protect their IT systems, keeping their money and their client’s data safe.

The finance industry has a number of unique challenges when it comes to cyber security. There is greater regulation and a higher risk of threats compared to other industries.

To help keep you protected, we have put together the following whitepaper from our several decades of experience providing IT security to businesses in the finance industry.

Here are some of the highlights of the whitepaper:

  • Learn the 7 biggest IT risks to finance and accountancy firms
  • Check how secure your business currently is
  • The common security mistakes finance companies make
  • Learn how to quickly improve your IT security

The whitepaper is completely free and provides actionable advice on how to start improving your IT security right away.

Even if you are not in the finance industry, much of the advice will be applicable to buisinesses in every industry so why not pick up a copy now?