Virtual Reality is the next big thing. With many brands making VR headsets that will take you into a whole new virtual world. Some of the biggest names within VR are HTC and Oculus and their headsets really are amazing. However, not all of us have about £600 pounds to spend on one, unfortunately. So Google have taken this into consideration and have a few alternatives for all of us who want in on the experience, without the hefty price tag.

Google Cardboard

So, Google began by creating a cardboard headset. Yes, cardboard! There is a section within the headset smartphone to be placed. You simply use the VR games from your smartphone along with the goggles within the headset and you have a VR experience. The whole point of the Google Cardboard is to use the intelligent kit within your smartphone. Once you have your headset, you will need to download the app called Cardboard by Google. This is where all of your VR games will be. Obviously you will not get a high resolution experience, but it is still pretty incredible.

So the price for one of these cardboard head sets currently stands at around £5-15 depending on what style you would like. However, still don’t want to spend that money as you aren’t really sure if you will like it? Well no worries, you can make your own! Marie Brewis, Managing Editor of PC Advisor and Macworld has created a step-by-step set of instructions on how to make your own cardboard headset for under $3! or check out this video below to see how you could create your own.


Google Daydream

Following on from the cardboard phenomenon, Google received constructive comments on what their customers wanted next. Comfort was one of those key points. After a while the hard cardboard begins to create great discomfort due to the nature of the material used.  So Google have taken this into consideration and have created Google Daydream. This headset has been made with lightweight, soft and breathable fabric which comes in 3 colours. Google have enhanced the comfort even more with a facepad that has been made to rest gently on the face. This facepad is removable and can be hand-washed whenever you would like. Unlike the Google Cardboard, the Google Daydream has a controller where smart sensors can provide smart tracking and movement. You can also change the volume level. Google Daydream will still be using a smartphone, similar to the Google Cardboard. The new Google Pixel is the perfect phone, fit for the Virtual Reality experience. Google will run apps and games downloaded from the Play Store.

Google Daydream is not yet out, it is to be released in November 2016. For one of these headsets with a controller included, you will be paying £69. Compared to the £500 Oculus Rift or the £700 HTC Vive, this is a bargain! Reviews are even saying that the Virtual Reality experience on the Daydream does not differ very much from these headsets! Check out the below video to find out more about the Google Daydream.

Thankfully, Google have given us some budgets ways so that we can all experience the VR world.