Each month we are going to take a look at what new innovations in the tech industry have taken the fancy of our team!

Oculus Rift


What has seemed to be the most popular innovation is the release of the Oculus Rift  which is now available in Europe. The Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality headset. For those who do not know, this is basically a headset that when worn, will take you straight into a virtual world that will seem completely lifelike. You delve into a life of fantasy with the sense of a three-dimensional world. Connect your Rift to your PC as this will essentially become the engine. Your Oculus Rift will come with the headset itself, a sensor, remote, Xbox controller, cables and a free copy of Lucky’s Tale game. You are able to watch movies, play games and much more on these amazing headsets. The VR space is a crowded one with Google previously entering the market with their Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens due out shortly. However, many are tipping the Oculus Rift to be the device to bring VR into the mainstream. They could potentially live up to the title of the ‘future of entertainment’.



The next innovation that appealed to one of our team members, was the app AirDroid. This app enables you to gain full access to your mobile, through your computer. You are able to control calls, SMS’s and app notifications on the large screen. You can use your full keyboard and mouse to control these tasks. You can even copy files from your PC to your phone which eliminates the need for any cables. This app is only available for Android.

Novation Launchpad

nation launchpad


Although not a new innovation, Novation Launchpad app for iPad take the fancy of one of our tech team! This app helps children learn the art of music composition. This app specialises in electronic music and enables you to create music by combining beats, melodies, basslines, vocals and more. As a free app this is a must have for those budding musicians and producers.

Intel Compute Stick

intel compute stick

Our last recommendation for the month is the Intel Compute Stick. This is essentially a USB stick sized computer than you can plug into a HDMI port on any monitor and it will then function like a fully-fledged PC. You can turn your TV into a computer! A quad-core Intel Atom processor inside gives a balanced performance for worth work and play. You can create entertainment, enhance your education and increase your productivity.

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