Do you have a games fanatic son or a tech lover daughter and are finding yourself stuck on what to get them for their stocking this year? Well, we have chosen some of the best tech-related items which may be just perfect for a stocking!

Wi-Fi Smart Plug


As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection you can use this Smart Plug. Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi then plug it into your socket and use it for your general appliances. This smart plug connects to an app on your smartphone. Through this app you are able to turn your appliances on and off or even set a schedule. This really is a clever plug and just the right size for your stocking! You can get one of these from Amazon for only £16.99.

Mini Arcade Machine


For only £19 you can get a small portable games machine which comes preloaded with 240 games! Made to look like an old arcade machine, this is a perfect gift for a bit of nostalgia. The compact design makes it portable and it is great for children and adults. You can buy this from Amazon.

Touch Screen Gloves


Although this product is not essentially a form of gadget, it is definitely one for tech lovers. These gloves enable you to use touch screen phones and tablets with gloves on. So whilst it is very cold, these are ideal! You can buy these from Amazon for only £9.99.

Holoquad Holographic Projector

HoloquadThe Holoquad can turn any Smartphone into a holographic experience. You place it on your phone, turn down the lights and watch the holographic experience appear on your screen. See simple, yet amazing holographics. A perfect stocking filler present. You can buy this item from Amazon for £5.50.

USB Fridge


This portable USB fridge is great! Plug the USB into your laptop or a plug then a cold plate chills to 8.5 degrees after being plugged in for 5 minutes. Then put in a can of your favourite drink and enjoy a nice cool beverage on the go! You can buy this for £13.99 from IWOOT.

These are just a few tech stocking fillers that we found for under £20! Take a look at the likes of Amazon, IWOOT and John Lewis for more.