We have taken a look at some of the latest gadgets to come out of 2017. Because, who doesn’t love an awesome new gadget to play with?! Here are our top five picks.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Following on from the discontinued Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung have recently unveiled the all new Samsung Galaxy S8. They really have gone all out on their new smartphone. There is a larger screen with a 5.8inch display which is curved and the S8+ has a 6.2 inch screen making it the largest smartphone screen on the market. Also an 10nm processor with the possibility of expanding the memory to 256GB. There is no longer a physical home button but a virtual one instead. There is also a new AI assistant called Bixby which takes on the likes of Apple’s Siri and Google’s Now assistant. With a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner and all new dual-cameras, this really is a show stopper. Find out all about the Samsung Galaxy S8 here.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have recently released a brand new console called the Nintendo Switch. This is a console that can be used as a portable device or can be docked for use with a television. The process of docking and undocking the device takes seconds.  You can quite literally play it anywhere. This hybrid machine is a tablet that has 2 detachable controllers. You can remove the small controllers from the tablet and attach them to an included grip or you can use them solo in your hands. You are also able to purchase an additional controller that will also work with the device. You can buy the Nintendo Switch from £279.


Flow by Plume is a quality air tracker. It can track, monitor and reduce your exposure to air pollution around you. This can work inside, outside and anywhere you go. It comes with a leather strap so that you can attach it to anything. Flow has 360° of air intake and an LED interface. You can receive tailored air quality alerts and therefore discover the ways to escape pollution. Within the app that comes with this device, you can see on a map where there are areas of clear air so you know where to visit. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth. This is a gadget for those who are looking for a healthier lifestyle. Pricing has not yet been released so keep an eye out on Plume’s website to get a hold of one.

Griffin Connected Toaster

This is a gadget that we use single day. A toaster. However this is not any ordinary toaster, it is a Smart Toaster. One of the features of this toaster is the app that comes with it. The app connects via Bluetooth. There is a slider within the app with an icon of a white piece of toast at one end and a black piece  at the other. You can slide up to your preferred setting. Within the app you can also select settings such as how my pieces, whether it is bread, a muffin or something more. Your settings can they all be remembered within the app. So, is it really necessary? Probably not. But it just goes to show how far our technology is developing. If you want to purchase it, the Griffin Connected Toaster will set you back around £100.

Kuri – The Real Live Robot

Kuri is a little home robot with a shed load of cheerful personality. Kuri has a capactive touch sensor in the head area, these enable Kuri to respond to human touch in a personal way. This is done by a tap to the head and Kuri will look up to the human and chirp affirming. Behind Kuri’s eyes there is a camera which can capture HD pictures and videos. This is good for when you are not in the house, you can see a live stream. Kuri is able to blink, smile, look up and down as well as looking side to side. Microphones installed enable Kuri to hear and react to your voice. He can also hear and detect strange noises and know which way to go to investigate. Different colours appear in the body of Kuri to portray different emotions. Mapping sensors enable Kuri to navigate your house. The sensor helps Kuri to remember where everything is located and stay away from obstacles. Kuri can also entertain by playing songs, podcasts and more. This exciting cute robot is available for pre-order now for £466. You can expect to receive Kuri around Christmas time this year.