Microsoft launched Windows 10 on the 29th of July 2015. This is a free upgrade for users who currently operate Window 7  or 8.1.

Windows 10 has plenty of benefits which we have outlined in our blog –  Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?. However, it is still advised that you should think carefully before you upgrade. This means ensuring that you have backed up your data, and you have fully researched the operating system. Specifically, in regards to any SIMS workstations. This is because Capita has provided advice that it will not support Windows 10 until April 2016.

At the moment, Capita plans to support Windows 10 on 64-bit workstations only. So if you are to upgrade or replace PC’s and laptops, you will need to wait for clarity from Capita.

So our recommendation is to not upgrade to Windows 10 as of yet if you are a Capita SIMS user.

If you need any advice, you can contact Coretek!

0800 304 7444