Want to prevent the theft of your equipment? We have a solution that can do just that.

Here at Coretek we can now offer security marking through Selectamark Security Systems plc. Security marking is quickly becoming an essential tool in protecting your prized possessions. Whether you’re a school with multiple laptops, tablets and computers that need to be protected or you’re a business with an office full of essential assets, there is a solution for you.


SelectaDNA is ‘the worlds most advanced forensic solution in tackling theft, robbery and burglary’. This system links criminals to crime scenes and it can help to provide a lot of evidence in a court of law. SelectaDNA has multiple products within its portfolio; ; SelectaDNA Property Marking Kits are excellent for use in schools or offices.The formula can be applied to any item of your choice and is specifically DNA-coded to the school, company or individual person. If these items are stolen and later found, the police will be able to return them to their owner.  This can be done through looking at the DNA-code that is written on one of microdots within the formula, which tells the police who the owner is. Each bottle of SelectaDNA contains a completely unique DNA sequence that does not exist anywhere else in the world.

All SelectaDNA products come with warning signs and marked property identification stickers, which should be applied to your market equipment and devices. These act as deterrent to reduce the chance of crime happening in the first place as acquisitive criminals are fully aware of the risks of being caught in possession of SelectaDNA marked property. This police and insurance approved system has been proven to reduce burglary by up to 83%. Once you have marked your property, you then need to register your unique DNA code on the secure SelectaDNA database (www.secureassetregister.com).


Selectamark is the original chemical etching system, developed in 1985, and still as popular as ever. SelectaMark is used to permanently and visibly mark your property, such as computers, laptops and tablets. used to visibly mark your assets. Property marking is recommended by the Home Office and Police, and offers a quick, neat and professional way to mark your equipment with your company’s name and postcode, using a stencil and chemical etching solution. Marking your equipment makes it less attractive to thieves –  as the value of marked property drops dramatically on the second hand market.

If you would like to know more on how you can get one of these solutions, please contact us at enquiries@coretek.co.uk or call us on 0800 304 744 today!