Do you know anyone that is looking for outstanding IT support?

Well at Coretek we are now offering an excellent referral scheme! Refer somebody who you think could benefit from our services and your school or business could receive a £200 Coretek credit!* Then for yourself, you will receive a £25 John Lewis voucher!

So, you don’t know what you could spend your Coretek credit on? We have some examples of how you could spend your £200…

  • You could use £200 towards our on-site support
  • Save yourself some money this month by getting £200 off of your bill
  • Need some new hardware? Use the £200!

*The £200 credit and the £25 John Lewis voucher will be paid when the organisation that is being referred signs a full support contract with Coretek Group. £200 credit must be spent with Coretek within 12 months from date of issue.