Our pick of last months best gadgets includes the latest from Microsoft on their new Surface Laptop, application to teach you how to play guitar and extensions to stop you from getting distracted, read on to find out more!


Want to know how to learn to play and master the art of piano, ukulele, bass or guitar? Playing an instrument is a great life skill with numerous benefits. Yousician helps you learn faster. This app is a personal tutor that enables you to learn at your own pace. Complete beginners and advanced learners can use this app. There is over 1,500 exercises and missions along with hundreds of videos, sight reading sheets and more. You will also be taught music theory. The way that this app teaches you is by setting you weekly missions to complete, providing you with instant feedback on your performance and it takes you through songs step-by-step.



If you find yourself easily distracted by that great value holiday that has popped up in the corner of your screen or by your Facebook messenger going off then this is right for you. StayFocusd is a Chrome extension to help with productivity that blocks any websites you wish, for a specified amount of time. So you can get your work done and be completely restricted of accessing your messages and social media account for as long you feel necessary. We love StayFocusd as it helps us to get all of our work done on time and efficiently! You can download this Chrome extension for free, so if you have deadlines to meet, download it here now!

Surface Laptop


The brand new Microsoft Surface Laptop has recently been unveiled and we are loving it here at Coretek. This new laptop has been designed for Windows 10 S, which has been ‘streamlined for security and superior performance.’ With the new surface laptop you do not need to choose between power and travelling light as such a light weight there is an ideal balance of both as well as all-day battery life. You get faster and more natural navigation on the 13.5″ PixelSense Display with the immersive touchscreen. This slim and elegant laptop has been made to rival the MacBook Air. You can’t get it yet, but it is available to pre-order at around £1000.