Did you know that Coretek offer a website design service?

At Coretek, we work closely with our clients’ to gain a good idea of a responsive design that suits our client’s needs and wants.

Any website designed by Coretek is built on the rock-solid WordPress platform. WordPress is widely agreed to be the leading website publishing platform in the world with over 74 million sites and counting. This also provides access to the largest collection of plugins to ensure that almost any website functionality can be achieved. 

We build our sites to the latest standards, ensuring they take full advantage of the latest advancements in website technology.  We also ensure they render correctly on all web browsers. As well as ensuring they work on different browsers, we also ensure they display well on all devices i.e. smartphones and tablets.

As well as all of this, a CMS (Content Management System) will be included which allows users to carry out updates to the website content. Training will be provided for this. After the website is created, there will be no extra fees for support. This is because a robust website and CMS should result in very few issues.

Lastly, we perform automated daily and weekly backups to ensure the website can be restored to a previous date if required.

We have recently completed the design of Highbury Primary School’s website, as seen in the image above. Below is another website we have created for a Primary School.

Romsey Primary Tablet Mock Up-1

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact marketing@coretek.co.uk, or alternatively please call us on 0800 304 7444.