Today is 31st March, World Backup Day!

The point of today is to remind everyone, no matter whether you run your own business or use a computer for work or school, that having a backup of important data is important. So make sure you do it today!

What is a Backup?

A Backup is a second copy of all of your files. This could be your important work or sentimental family photos. You are creating a copy of all of these files.

Why should I Backup?

Losing your files is a lot more common than you may think! This could be in the form of losing a device, like a phone, laptop or tablet, or there could be a fire in a property where your device lays.
Ironically, it was only yesterday that a software development company which we know, lost 24 hours’ worth of financial data. This was due to only having an old backup available instead of multiple backups throughout the day. These multiple backups would have allowed them to either restore to the earliest time possible, or to the time of the fault that occurred. If a properly configured backup solution had been set up, this would have saved a lot of hassle.

How can I backup?

Data Protection Manager (DPM), by Microsoft, can create full or incremental backups of data at set intervals from a source to a target location on the DPM server. This lets you ensure the most valuable data is backed up as frequently as possible. Backups taken from DPM can also be sent to Microsoft’s Azure backup service, allowing you to offload older data to the Azure Recovery Service and keep new data on disk.

In the case of home use, the USB storage drive is still an essential option for keeping important files backed up in the event your computer’s security is compromised and the data is lost. There are also a number of cloud based backup services which you can sign up to to enable you to retain a copy of those sentimental photos just in case!

The more you use, the more secure that data will be. Save yourself the pain and potential financial damage you could face with data loss, and start backing up today. But don’t backup just today… backup every day!

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