Cue the dramatic music, we have a very exciting announcement to make. CoretekCloud V2 is now live!

This is the first major upgrade to our own cloud platform in nearly nine years and represents a major increase in both performance and security for all CoretekCloud users.

At Coretek, we always aim to be at the forefront of technology and this upgrade is the next step in being able to provide an excellent service to all our clients.

A short history lesson on CoretekCloud

Back in 2013, the cloud was very much in its infancy. Many weren’t sure if this was just another fad that would die out as quickly as it came. However, we were confident that cloud technology could offer massive benefits in cost-saving, environmental benefits, scalability, and security for almost all businesses. Because of this, Coretek went all-in on cloud technology and launched CoretekCloud.

Our aim for CoretekCloud was to be one single place for all businesses to come for the best cloud technologies on the market. What made CoretekCloud different was that we were not only offering leading public cloud services like Office 365 but we also had our very own UK-based cloud platform. This would allow businesses to create their own private clouds – custom-built environments perfectly tailored to their specific requirements.

In 2014, CoretekCloud took another big step forward by moving to our current home at Datanet in Fleet. This gave us access to a modern data centre facility with excellent security and more scope for expansion.

Introducing CoretekCloud V2

Fast forward eight years and cloud technology has proved to be a complete revolution in the IT industry. Our investment in cloud technology and CoretekCloud has been a big success, with the platform growing to thousands of users, hosting companies across a diverse range of sectors.

Now is the time for the CoretekCloud platform to have its first major upgrade.

Due to its popularity, the previous version of CoretekCloud was quickly reaching capacity. It was time to upgrade to an even better design with improved performance that made the most of the latest hardware and technology.

What benefits will I get with the new CoretekCloud?

We designed CoretekCloud V2 to be a leading-edge IT solution to provide businesses of all sizes access to the best IT technology in the market at an affordable price point.

Here are just some of the benefits CoretekCloud V2 users will experience:

NPerformance – Users will enjoy a considerable improvement in speed and performance over the previous platform. We have achieved this through the use of intelligent, solid state storage infrastructure and modern, highly efficient hardware.

NExperience – CoretekCloud V2 offers a fast, modern Windows 10 desktop experience that is tailored to your business and consistent for every user.

NRobust – We designed CoretekCloud V2 from the ground up to stay online no matter what. Our platform can sustain multiple, simultaneous failures at every level and still stay online – keeping your business running. (Ideal for businesses who rely on uptime as a core part of their service)

NReliable – CoretekCloud has a minimum uptime SLA of 99.9% per year.

NSecure – Boasting the latest technology to protect your business including modern firewalls, leading antivirus, email filtering as well as 24/7 security, nowhere is safer for your IT systems than CoretekCloud.

NGreen – CoretekCloud is proud to be completely carbon neutral.

There’s more!

There’s one other big bonus that we haven’t mentioned. Although CoretekCloud V2 users will experience all of the amazing benefits listed above, our clients will be moved to the platform with no increase in cost whatsoever.

Who can benefit from CoretekCloud?

One of the huge benefits of cloud technology is scalability. This means being able to grow or shrink your IT systems at the click of a button. Because of this, a wide range of businesses can benefit from setting up their IT systems in CoretekCloud. From small start-ups to well-established national businesses, CoretekCloud offers a leading IT system at a cost-effective monthly price.

What’s next?

We’re not stopping there. Our next step in improving CoretekCloud is to move to our new data centre. We are moving to Datanet’s ARK data centre in Fleet, possibly the finest data centre in the whole of the UK. This means all clients will benefit from even greater security, resilience, line speed and green credentials.

How you can find out more

If the above has got you excited about how CoretekCloud can improve your IT systems, give the team a call today. One of our experienced consultants is ready to help discuss your requirements and see if CoretekCloud would be a good fit for your business.