Cyber threats are one of the most potentially damaging risks that schools and businesses face. In conjunction with Google, we are offering the following free eBook to help inform you of the main cyber threats to be aware of, what you can do to protect yourself against these and what to do if you do get hacked.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Learn the top 5 cyber threats to your organisation
  • How to quickly protect yourself against each threat
  • What to do if you get hacked
  • Simple to use checklist of the threats and action steps

Although the case studies are based around schools, all of the advice is completely valid for businesses and charities alike.

The eBook is a quick read and is written in simple to understand terms. So in a couple of minutes, you will better understand the IT main threats to and exactly what you need to do next to ensure you are protected.

If you need any help improving your IT security, please get in touch with the team today.