Dell SonicWALL Supermassive E10800 beats the competition as validated by NSS LABS.

NSS Labs are the ‘world’s leading information security company’. They focus primarily on IT security and hold one of the world’s leading security product testing laboratories. They provide ‘in-depth security product test reports, research and analyst services.’ Many of the largest businesses in the world rely on the NSS Labs to get the very best out of their security investments.

Dell SonicWALL network security products provide a secure barrier between your networks and cyber space. When out on the internet, you are constantly sending and receiving information that can be intercepted.

The Dell  devices use deep packet inspection technology in combination with multi-core specialised security microprocessors to deliver application intelligence, control, and real-time visualisation and intrusion prevention. Adding this layer of network security helps to protect your organisation from malicious attacks, identity theft and money loss.

The latest NSS LAB’s report has proved the Dell SonicWALL Supermassive E10800 delivers twice the performance and ‘scalability’ of Palo Alto Networks, at a quarter of the price of Cisco.

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