Our pick of this month’s best gadgets includes the latest from IFTTT, drones and dash cams. Our team has taken a look at what new development’s have taken their fancy throughout this past month, read on to find out more!

IFTTT (If This Then That)


Some members of our team have been really interested in IFTTT (If this then that). The IoT or “Internet of Things” is one of the tech buzzwords of 2016. This basically refers to the fact that more and more devices are now becoming digital and connected to the internet. This even refers to household items. For instance, controlling the heating in your house from your phone would have seemed the stuff of science fiction not so long ago but now is fairly commonplace.

IFTTT takes this to the next level. This is a completely free service that allows your devices to talk to each other and create useful automated tasks. IFTTT refers to these as “recipes”. This doesn’t just work with laptops and smartphones and can be used with many devices. Here are some examples:

  • Enjoy a freshly brewed pot of coffee when you wake up.
  • Turn on your heating when you are near to home.
  • When your Fitbit records a sleepless night, set a reminder to go to bed early the next night.

There are many many more, check out https://ifttt.com to see for yourself.

Fitbit Blaze


Another gadget that has appealed to our team this month is the Fitbit Blaze. The FitBit Blaze is the newest fitness watch that from Fitbit. This fitness tracker has been designed to look just like an ordinary digital watch. This watch has a multitude of new breakthrough features such as tracking your heart rate, a coloured touch-screen, multi-sport tracking meaning it can differentiate between different sports. It can connect to GPS, view on-screen workouts and receive notification from your smartphone.

Then along with all these exciting features, you have the essential features such as music control, 5 day battery life, reminders to move and all day and night activity monitoring. With also the choice to choose different bands and frames, you can customise to your taste.

For only £159.99 with free shipping, 45-day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.

Falcon Zero F-360 HD


Dash cams are becoming progressively more and more popular. For those who don’t know a dash cam is  an on-board camera that continuously records the view through a vehicles windscreen.

The Falcon Zero F360 Dash Cam has two excellent 1080p resolution cameras which are both 180 degree rotatable with a 120 degree viewing angle. You can record the front, back and sides of the car at the same time. A feature called loop recording ensures that you will never have to worry about running out of space on your SD card which is included) as you can set the time span that you want the camera to start recording again. This dash cam is easy to install by simply clamping over the rear view mirror allowing for optimal viewing angles. There is also a built in microphone and it has night vision along with a 3.5 inch LCD screen.

You can buy the Falcon Zero F360 Dash Cam for £109.95 with free delivery.

Parrot Disco FPV Drone


The Parrot Disco FPV Drone is a new, very exciting drone that has grabbed the attention of our team. This drone is the first fixed-wing drone that can reach speeds up to 50mph. You can fully immerse yourself into the flight with a headset that allows you to feel that you are on board. To take control, you have a lightweight, compact and ultra-precise Parrot Skycontroller 2. With a battery life of 45 minutes and a range of 1.24 miles, this drone is really impressive.

The Parrot Disco FPV Drone has a streamlined look, fixed wings and a light carbon and expanded polypropleyne body. Parrot Disco FPV is designed to soar through the air like a plane. The HD 1080p camera records amazing footage which will make you feel as if you are flying. With a return home feature, you know that your drone will always be returned safely. Connect to the Free Flight Pro app that is dedicated to advanced flight with drones. All of your  photos, films and routes will be saved and you can easily find and share them. Priced at £1,149.99 it  is one of the pricier drones, but is really impressive.