If you are interested in starting a Blog, why not try Primary Blogger?

Primary Blogger is a free tool that gives staff and pupils the power to create a Blog designed specifically for your class or school.

For the uninitiated, a Blog is a website and much more. It allows you to keep the outside world updated with your latest news. Anyone with an internet connection can view your Blog ‘posts’ and leave comments of their own. Blogs are really well suited to schools because they are so interactive. Pupils can post about their work and parents view the Blog to see for themselves. This is a great way to engage pupils and parents alike with the use of IT.

Primary Blogger is based on the industry-leading Blogging software, WordPress. Millions of people and companies use WordPress to host their Blogs, everyone from Katy Perry to Adobe. We even use WordPress here at Coretek, so you know it must be good!

The difference with Primary Blogger is the technical stuff has been simplified, so users of any age will have no problem creating Blog posts quickly and simply. It also has a strong Spam filter designed especially for Primary Schools, so you know its totally safe.

Check out this Blog from one of our schools – Copythorne Infant School, which is a great example of what can be achieved:

If you are interested in setting up a Blog for your school, get in touch or head over to the Primary Blogger site.

If you are looking for a full school website with blogging included, why not get in touch with Coretek? We offer a web design service especially for schools based on the industry leading WordPress platform.