Not too long ago, on the 11th of February, marked Coretek’s 17th Birthday!

Coretek was born on February the 11th 1999. Our Managing Director Garry Miller vowed to provide a real alternative to an IT Industry where the companies were more concerned with their profit margins rather than providing a good service. In the past 17 years, Coretek has grown as a company. From supporting a handful of local schools and businesses to now supporting IT environments serving literally thousands of users, with clients spanning 9 countries and 4 continents.

So we were wondering, what else was happening in the world in 1999?

  • Number one song – February 7th – 13th is Blondie – Maria.
  • Eminem was introduced into the music industry.
  • Hawaiian shirts became a major fad in 1999.
  • The Euro was born.
  • ‘C U L8R’ was the generic way to text.
  • The iBook was invented.
  • In 1999 there were 248 million internet users, there are now 3 billion.
  • Dial-up was still used, mostly in home. Meaning you could not use the phone and the internet at the same time.
  • The Blackberry was invented.
  • entered the market in 1999 and were the first software to deliver services over the internet, aka The cloud.
  • Social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram did not even exist for years to come!
  • Bluetooth technology was released in 1999.

Can you think of any more key trends in 1999? Let us know!

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