The newest Apple iOS update is deemed to be significant within Education. There is specifically new features for classroom use. Teachers are now able to create profiles for all of their pupils, and these profiles are accessible from every iPad.

The login process has been simplified for those of a younger age. When a pupil logs into the iPad, they simply just need to click on an image of themselves. Then when they return back to their account, they can pick up where they left off.

Another feature that the new update holds, is for staff to have the ability to be able to look at an overview of what apps the students are using. Additionally, teachers are able to load up apps, books or the web to appear on every iPad throughout the class. They also are now able to lock specific apps to ensure that the students do not come out of that app.

Also, teachers will now be able to project the students work onto the interactive whiteboard for the class to see. Learn how to do this here.

‘Apple School Manager, a web-based feature, is designed to give admins a central location for creating Apple IDs, building courses, and managing accounts for students, teachers, and admins. It allows administrators to make volume purchases of books and apps and distribute the content quickly.’

You will even be able to reset the students password right form the classroom.

Apple has been working for a while now on the improvements of Education within the iPad. The update of iOS 9.3 is now available for developers. It is bound to be a success! If you would like to know more about apps to enhance your students learning experience check out our blog.